Monday, March 8, 2010

Glenn Beck and Ignorance

A guy who puts Ben-Gay under his eyes so that he will tear up on air dares to lecture America on what is honest and above board? Please. This infotainment clown is a Mormon and assumes an advisory role for historic followers of Christ? Perfect, and I assume we are waiting to hear from old Glenn about how Joseph Smith was in fact really a sane guy and not a lunatic in his backyard making up fake Egyptian languages? Of course we won't. And why it was ok for Joey Smith to shoot to kill from his prison cell, jailed as a polygamist and general dissenter against American laws? Sorely doubt it.
You expect me to believe that Glenn B. is a guy who knows his religious history? He not only criticizes Social Justice but makes it akin to USSR style communism? Does he remember that the USSR was an atheist state? Last I checked Roman Catholicism has made mistakes, but atheism wasn't one of them. Has he read his red-letter Bible? I suppose he has been too busy reading the book of Mormon - at least this would be a plausible excuse for his ignorance. Otherwise, he might want to get his reading comprehension checked. Maybe he can also tell us about how another Joseph, Joseph McCarthy led the Red Scare of the 1950s. A little Fascist movement tucked away in our American history. Maybe he'd like to tell us how that turned out and what became of old crazy Senator Joe McCarthy.
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  1. GROWL! Go get emm!
    I had posted Mr Beck along with Rush Limbaugh and John Piper as idiots on a friends blog & got a fellow mad to include John Piper in such a list but if anybody assumes to speak for God while limiting another's human rights than that man is a LUNATIC!
    (but as another friend, Craig Williams, said this guy feeds of all energy in favor or against and just builds him up)